Pele set for 'historic' memorabilia auction

London: Brazilian football legend Pele showcased over 2,000 items of career memorabilia yesterday, from trophies to balls and boots, before an auction next week that has been touted as one of biggest in sporting histroy.


The sale, expected to fetch some £3 million (3.9 million euros, $4.3 million), includes a replica of the Jules Rimet trophy given to Pele to mark his World Cup success. The copy is estimated to fetch up to £410,000.

Pele is the only player to win three World Cup winner's medals, which are also up for sale and expected to net up to £140,000 each.

Another highlight is the ball Pele used to score the 1,000th goal of his career, which auctioneers say could sell for up to £42,000.

A host of more offbeat items are also up for grabs, including the pair of boots the star wore in the 1981 film "Escape To Victory", his old passports and a lurid
sombrero hat. The auction takes place in London on June 7, 8 and 9.

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