Around 23 percent or more than one-fifth of India's elderly are experiencing abuse, according to the “Elder Abuse in India 2013” report.

The report by HelpAge India is based on a survey conducted by the organization in 24 cities and was released on the eve of “World Elder Abuse Awareness Day” which is celebrated worldwide on Saturday.

Disturbingly, in major metropolitian cities, daughter-in-laws were reported as the main perpertrator of abuse. Madurai in Tamil Nadu and Kanpur in UP recorded 63 per cent and 60 per cent levels of elder abuse respectively.

Physical abuse, however, was highest in Rajasthan (16.19 per cent) and Andhra Pradesh (13.67 per cent). Mumbai recorded the fourth highest instances of elder abuse with 11.43 per cent while Hyderabad topped the list with 37.50 per cent.

Around 6,750 senior citizens were a part of this nationwide survey. However, 84 per cent of them go unreported, said Prakash Borgaonkar, director of HelpAge India.

To raise awareness about the abuse on senior citizens, Help Age India has launched a Help Unite generations (HUG) campaign with an aim to sensitise the people on the elderly.