Perfumer Monika Ghurde's killer remorseless in confessional tape

CCTV grabs also show cops nabbing watchman Rajkumar Singh from Bangalore hotel

Rajkumar Singh
Rajkumar Singh

"Ma'am ka murder maine kiya." These are the chilling words spoken by the security guard, who seems unfazed even as he confesses to killing celebrity perfumer Monika Ghurde, leaving her naked in her home in Goa, her hands and feet tied to the bed. mid-day has sourced two videos of the accused, Rajkumar Singh, as he was arrested from a Bangalore hotel.

mid-day had reported yesterday how the police caught up with the alleged killer, Rajkumar Singh, merely by following the breadcrumbs he left behind – after he murdered Monika in cold blood, he stole her cell phone and ATM card and used them unabashedly.

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Cops nabbed Rajkumar from a hotel in Bangalore
Cops nabbed Rajkumar from a hotel in Bangalore

After he swiped her card at a hotel in Bangalore, the police caught a glimpse of him in the CCTV footage and then laid a trap for him. The first video shows Rajkumar entering the hotel again, while the cops wait for him in plainclothes. As soon as he enters, the police surround him and take him away for questioning. Soon after, in a second video, the 21-year-old confesses to the murder, seemingly remorseless.

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Confession video

Cop: Kisne mara?
Rajkumar: Ma'am ka murder maine kiya.
Cop: Zorr se bolo.
Rajkumar: Ma'am ka murder maine kiya.
Cops: Tumhara naam kya hai?
Rajkumar: Rajkumar.
Cop: Gaun kidhar (village)?
Rajkumar: Punjab.



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