Period pains force 20-year-old Mumbai woman to end life

Jan 26, 2016, 13:00 IST | Sadaguru Pandit

A 20-year-old woman allegedly committed suicide because of menstrual complications. Her mother said she was depressed as she suffered from excessive bleeding during her period.

Shivaji Nagar police officials confirmed that the woman hanged herself while nobody was at home.


The incident took place on Sunday afternoon when Sonal Gaverner was alone at home. According to the investigating officers, Gaverner’s family had been away at a religious function at Ulhasnagar since 1 pm.

“The girl was unemployed and had earlier dropped out of school because of her family’s financial condition. She lived with her mother, who worked as a domestic help, and her younger sister, both of whom weren’t at home when the incident took place,” said S Salunkhe PSI and investigating officer in the case.

According to the statement given to police officials, when the family returned home around 5 pm, Gaverner’s sister called out to her. When she failed to get a response, she pushed the door — which was open — only to find her sister hanging from the ceiling fan. Gaverner was immediately rushed to the Ulhasnagar Central Hospital.

Doctors from the hospital said that the victim was pronounced dead on arrival.

When asked about the cause of suicide, Salunkhe said that Gaverner was under a lot of stress due to the menstrual complications she was facing, which ultimately led her to ending her life.

“The family is very poor. Her mother stated that the victim would suffer excessive bleeding during her period, which depressed her immensely. According to the statements of the neighbours and family members, the victim committed suicide due to this depression,” added Salunkhe.

The police officials have registered an Accidental Death Report (ADR) and have handed over the body to the family post the forensic analysis, which took place on Sunday evening.

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