Peshawar school attack aftermath: Airports across India put on high alert

As a consequence of the henious terror attack on a Peshawar school on Tuesday, intelligence agencies have put all high facility airports across India on high alert.

The alert that has been imposed on December 17 will continue till the end of January 2015.

In a letter, termed ‘most urgent’, received by the Mumbai Airport, the Intelligence agencies have asked all the security handling agencies and the local police to be on their toes 24x7. This includes random frisking of passengers as well as some new and more stringent restrictions.

The airports will also have more armed components for guarding the apron area (parking area of aircrafts). “Proper vehicle checking, profiling and random frisking of people entering the airport premises, the Bomb Detections Disposal Squad (BDDS), Quick Reaction Teams (QRTs) will be on more alert and will check even if a minor suspicion exists,” said an airport official close to the development.

All the measures are geared towards making vulnerable places and installations harder to target. Extensive use of sniffer dogs will also be undertaken while checking the passenger’s baggage.
“Random checking of vehicles and passengers at entry point will be increased hence passengers should come well in advance to avoid any inconvenience,“ added the official. The squads will be placed and observed diligently by the cops.

The letter states, "COMPULSORY PRESENCE OF SECURITY SUPERVISOR/OFFICIAL OF CATERING AGENCY at the time of packaging should emphasis that the security official should accompany the catering vehicle up to the aircraft to ensure that no banned item, which is a threat to Civil Aviation Security, can be loaded into the aircraft through this catering vehicle. Stringent surveillance at the CCTV room of the city side of the terminal building should be ensured."

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