Former media baron Peter Mukerjea’s lawyer Kushal Mor on Wednesday filed bail application for the second time before the special CBI court in connection with Sheena Bora murder case.

The court taking note of the application has asked the CBI to file their reply on March 31. In his bail application, Peter has mention that he had no problem with Rahul-Sheena relationship and also said that he like Sheena very much.

The application has refuted several allegation made by the CBI in the supplementary chargesheet. According to the CBI, Peter was unhappy with Sheena and her relationship with Rahul since 2009 and it was this unhappiness which became his motive to enter the conspiracy to murder Sheena.

Peter MukherjeaPeter Mukherjea

Peter in application replies to the allegation, saying, “The e-mail exchange between Peter and his close friend
between November 25, 2011, and November 26, 2011, clearly evidences the fact that Peter was not at all against the engagement and impending marriage between Sheena Bora and his son Rahul Mukherjea."

The application also has a mail sent by Peter to his close friend talking about the impending marriage, “i wish them both well and hope they are happy and comfortable. i love him dearly and i like sheena very much too.”

The second allegation by CBI against Peter being he and Indrani were in constant touch with each other on the intervening night of murder, which Peter has refuted saying he and his daughter Vidhie Mukherjea were together, and had also visited Rome on the intervening night hence these calls made from Indrani Mukerjea to Peter are calls between a mother/Wife to her husband/daughter in the regular course while they are apart during a period of travel/separation.

On Peter contacting DCP Deven Bharti, Peter’s application says, “Peter met with DCP Deven Bharti with a view to mislead Rahul Mukerjea is a conclusion arrived at without any supporting material. There is nothing to show that it was Peter who contacted Deven Bharti and the statement of Deven Bharti to conclusively show that there is no reference to the purpose of the contact being made in order to trace out the location of Sheena Bora. On other side, it was Indrani Mukerjea (according to CDRs) who was regularly in touch with Deven Bharti and not Peter.”

The bail application also has an email sent by Peter to congratulate Rahul through the cell of Prashant Chakravorthy (his driver) on 21st December 2011, which says, “Hulio, Papa says he is well and misses you v much too.he wishes you happiness and all blessings + good things for your engagement and future marriage.he is there for you (god forbid) in any emergency. He is trying to lose weight but not having much luck! xxx”.