Peter Mukerjea is a victim of bad karma, says laywer

Apr 22, 2016, 07:26 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar

The hearing of the second bail application of former media baron Peter Mukerjea — accused in the Sheena Bora murder case — took a spiritual turn. Arguing in the special CBI court, his lawyer said Peter was a ‘victim of bad karma’.

Peter Mukherjea

His counsel, senior lawyer Aabad Ponda told the court nowhere have any witnesses said that Peter was not happy with Sheena and Rahul’s relationship. There are witnesses and messages, which show that Peter liked Sheena.

Ponda also said that when Indrani was being arrested for killing Sheena, Peter told cops he would take Sheena’s number from Indrani and call her from London right away.

Ponda added that Peter and Indrani had quarreled time and again because he had no problem with Rahul and Sheena’s relationship, but Indrani did. Peter was stuck between his wife Indrani and son Rahul. Ponda said, “Peter was stuck between his wife and son. He is a victim of that bad karma, which he did in his last birth.”

Objected to live-in
However, Peter objected to the couple’s live-in relationship since Rahul was not concentrating on his career. In the case of his property, Indrani still had motive, because had Sheena married Rahul, she would have to share it. But that was not the case with Peter, because he can make his own will and also exclude her from it. “Peter had no motive to kill Sheena,” Ponda said.

Regarding the chargesheet, which has call data records of Indrani and Peter on the night of the murder, Ponda said Indrani spoke to several others before and after the murder. She spoke to DCP Deven Bharati, Yusuf Matcheswalla and Kajal Sharma, and those conversations could also be considered suspicious, he said. The arguments by Ponda will be continued this afternoon.

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