Stand-up comic Russell Peters might be able to make millions laugh, but he also has a very serious side to him, finds CS. He doesn't mince his words and he knows exactly which side of the fence he's on. He hates the Bollywood song and dance routine and can't think of any Indian actress he might like. And, he can't seem to understand why Indians pride themselves in their Bollywood songs when they have so much more to celebrate. He talks to CS about his impressions of India:

Who: Russell Peters
What: Talks about screening his roles and disliking the Bollywood

No great shakes
To me, it doesn't make sense to incorporate songs in a story. I find it downright corny. And what bothers me the most is the fact that we take so much pride in these songs. I mean, when we're such a historically and culturally rich country and have contributed so much to the world, how can we glory in something as frivolous as Bollywood? We gave the Europeans their language, we created numbers, we taught the world how to enjoy sex, and here we are defining ourselves by these great song and dance routines! India makes for a great subject for my acts, because my roots are here. But I think I've finished poking fun at everything Indian already.

Screening roles
I wouldn't want to act in a Bollywood film, unless it's a Slumdog Millionaire or a Salam Bombay. What I don't like about this industry is the fact that it is based more on looks than on talent. I just don't like Bollywood, but that's my opinion, and not necessarily right or wrong. I don't even like horror films because they make me scared and I don't want to get scared. I only watch comedies. I'm quite selective in the roles I play. I won't do a film if I don't like the story even if you offer me 10 million bucks for it.

The world's my stage
Yes, I do have a serious side to me. But I would define myself as a happy person. My humour is a reflection of my happiness. But that doesn't mean that I don't have my low moments. I remember, I once had to do a gig in London when I was in the worst mood possible. I was irritated with the way things were going backstage and I had to make 70,000 people laugh. But once I was on stage, I forgot all that. I guess as a performer, you have to put your emotions aside.