Petition seeks Bombay HC action on parole, furlough

An activist has filed a petition in the Bombay High Court requesting its intervention in furlough and parole availed by financially sound prisoners while serving their sentence.

According to the petitioner, in ten years imprisonment the prisoners who are financially sound, serve only six and a half years in jail and for five years sentence, they spend three and a half years. The petitioner stated that poor prisoners cannot afford lawyers, due to which they are forced to serve the entire sentence, without furlough etc. The High Court on Tuesday directed the state government to file a reply in the petition.

The petition was filed by Rajan Parkar, who works for the families of victims of murder and sexual abuse. Justices Abhay Oka and A A Sayed have kept the matter for hearing next week and asked the state home department to file a reply.

The petition mentions that a prisoner gets a furlough period of 28 days in a year and also gets parole of 90 days which is calculated in his sentence.

“For his good behaviour throughout the year the prisoner then gets 114 days remission from his sentence, thus further reducing it,” said senior counsel Neel Gavankar who appeared for the petitioner. Gavankar further said that poor prisoners have to undergo the whole term.

“Since December 2012 leaves have been considered in a sentence via a circular by DG, Prisons,” he further said.

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