Photographing daughter in shopping mall gets man in trouble!

Oct 12, 2011, 13:55 IST | ANI

Security guards at a shopping mall in Scotland restricted a man from taking photographs of his daughter and threatened to confiscate his camera phone in the interest of preventing terror act when he refused to delete the photos

Chris White, 45, said police approached him and asked him to delete pictures of his four-year-old daughter, Hazel, eating ice cream at the Braehead shopping center near Glasgow.

The security guard allegedly told White that taking photos in the shopping center is 'illegal' and his camera phone could be confiscated under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

"I explained I had taken two photos of my daughter eating ice cream and that she was the only person in the photo, so I didn''t see any problem," Fox News quoted White, as saying.

"I also said that I wasn''t that willing to delete the photos and there seemed little point, as I had actually uploaded them to Facebook," he added.

White said one of the police officers was "quite intimidating," but allowed him to keep his camera phone in exchange for offering his full details, including name, place of birth, age, employment status and address, the Daily Record reports.

A spokesman for the shopping center, however, said that security acted in good faith, and was unaware that the man and child were related.

"Retail staff at an ice cream stall in Braehead became suspicious after they saw a male shopper taking photographs of a child sitting at their counter. The staff thought the man had also been taking photographs of them and they alerted one of the center''s security staff," the spokesman said.

The shopping center is now changing its policy to allow family and friends to take photos in the mall, the report said.

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