Photos: UK mum spends over Rs 16 lakh to look like Barbie

A single mother from Essex, UK, has spent Rs 16 lakh to achieve her dream Barbie look and even underwent surgery to have the corners of her mouth fixed into a permanent smile.

Rachel Evans, aged 45, has had breast augmentation, a nose job, lip fillers, jaw tightening, and an eyelift, as well as top-ups of fillers and Botox — all because she wants to become a human Barbie. In order to maintain her look, Evans hits the gym five times a week.  She runs up to 12km a day.


New pic #abs shot happy Monday everyone Photo credit Paul White

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New bikini pic ðŸÂ’–😀 Photographer Paul White Barbie Doll copyright #Mattel

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According to Daily Mail, Rachel first started redesigning her face after she suffered depression, following the loss of her son’s identical twin brother at birth and her relationship with her partner was coming to an end. She has since had fillers on her cheeks to make them plumper, a lifted jaw line, treatment to have a less angular face sharp, her crow's feet erased and under-eye bags minimised. She estimates the total cost at 20,000 pounds. She went from a 32AA to a 32D aged 38 after she started weight training and wanted her body to be more 'in proportion'. The procedure cost 5,500 pounds but her ex boyfriend paid half as a birthday gift.

Rachel is a mother of 15 and is now looking for love.

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