Pia's one for the road

Sep 08, 2011, 10:54 IST | Pia Trivedi
I am very fond of biking. My fascination with bikes began five years ago when I started going for rides with my friends. Some of them are enthusiastic bikers, who got me interested into understanding the machines, checking out new models, attending  shows, etc. I became a bike lover in no time!

Sadly, I don't own a bike as yet but I will soon, as I am getting a customised bike made for myself. I love driving a car but the thrill of a two wheeler is something else altogether.

You can literally feel the wind in your hair. It also gives you a sense of freedom that you can't associate with a four-wheel drive.

My most memorable bike journey has been my trip to Kulu Manali, which I undertook recently. Riding through the valleys of Himachal Pradesh was an incredible experience. 

My family has absolutely no problems with my hobby. But yeah, my mom does get anxious at times, and tells me to ride safely. If I was given an opportunity I would love to go on a bike ride with Oliver Martinez, whom I find really hot.

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