Picasso's wartime 'tomatoes' may fetch 15 million pounds at auction

Feb 21, 2017, 09:18 IST | Agencies

Picasso painted the artwork in 1944. Pic/AFP
Picasso painted the artwork in 1944. Pic/AFP

London: Famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso's artwork depicting a tomato plant growing on his windowsill, painted during the Nazi occupation of Paris, is estimated to fetch a whopping 15 million pounds at an auction in the UK.

Picasso painted the artwork in 1944, weeks before Paris was liberated from Nazi occupation. Blacklisted by the Nazis, Picasso was banned from exhibiting his wartime work in public. The painting represents hardships of war – Parisians were forced to grow their own produce as food was scarce – and the resilience of the human spirit.

The painting was first bought 1947 by Stephen Carlton Clark, founder of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Following his death, a private collector purchased it in 1976. He is now selling the piece on March 1 for 10-15 million pounds.

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