London: Pippa Middleton has been accused by French royal watcher Stephane Bern of wearing a “false bottom” at the royal wedding.

Pippa Middleton 

Pippa Middleton was little known to the masses until her rear caught the attention of a global audience throughout the service, where she acted as bridesmaid to her sister and ‘earned’ the nickname HRH (her Royal hotness).

Pippa Middleton at Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding where she has been accused of the false bottom. Pics/AFP

The 50-year-old royal expert said that it was an optical illusion. Bern asserted that the 30-year-old socialite was aware of the fact that there were a billion people who would watch the royal wedding and it was the moment to show off.

He said, “You take her away from that and she has normal buttocks.”  Duchess of Cambridge’s sister donned an Alexander McQueen bridesmaid’s dress that hugged her svelte figure and featured buttons down to below her bum.