Pique's partner Shakira among most influential online

Columbian singer and Argentina's president among most influential on the internet, according to Time magazine

It is waka waka yeah, yeah time for footballer Gerard Pique. His girlfriend Shakira with whom he has two children is listed among Time Magazine's '30 Most Influential People on the Internet' reported Fox News Latino.

Shakira. Pic/Getty Images
Shakira. Pic/Getty Images

Guess who shares the honour with Shak? None other than Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. These are the only Latinos featured in the list and both just happen to be women. Then of course, Shakira is in elite company with Beyonce, Justin Bieber and President Barack Obama.

Hungry fans
Incidentally, there is no rank given to the list but these names cropped up after monitoring social media following and the traffic their sites garner.

But back to Shak yes, and rhymes don't lie, one reads it is Shakira's worldwide following and the fans thirst to know more about her that did it.

If you want to say it with numbers that is 107 million Facebook fans for Shak, beating Obama too. Well, hips don't lie and figures don't lie too. Quite the Pique of the pack, if we must say.

107 million
The number of followers Colombian singer Shakira has on her Facebook account

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