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When an eatery in the City of Too Many has ‘cottage’ in its name, you had better take that to be a warning: Think small. Seriously small. Right. So, if you stay or work in the area, it’s probably best to order in, instead of trying to squeeze into an upstairs section that can seat a maximum of four, let’s say, slim individuals.

Paneer Tikka Hot Pizza in Pizza Cottage, Churchgate. Pic/Pradeep Dhivar

Is it a good idea to order from there? Well, you’ll have to — as the Americans say — wait for it; by which we mean the verdict. Pizza Cottage offers 12 pizzas and 14 toppings, all of which are vegetarian. That’s right. There will be no pepperoni on the menu tonight, or for that matter any night. If you’re non-vegetarian, you might want to stop reading now.

The pizzas are divided into three categories — PC1, PC2 and PC3, depending on the type and number of toppings. So, PC1 features the Plain Cheese and Classic Margherita; PC2 has pizzas with topping combos like mushroom — onion-capsicum, and PC3 lists the Specials that include the Mumbai Crunchy Munchy (veggies in a ‘special’ sauce, topped with chaat masala and cheese), and the Chinese Veg Chilly Buster (capsicum, bell peppers, baby corn and chilli sauce).

They do three sizes: 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch and only one base, which is neither too thick nor too thin. The Paneer Tikka Hot (Rs 195 for 8”) is slightly spicier than the standard Paneer Tikka topping (food snobs, this is where you roll your eyes). The Paneer Tikka Masala-style topping works well with the onions.

Their ‘Anti Pasto’ section (they must really hate pasta) has Chilly Cheese Toast, Garlic bread and the Garlic Bread with Cheese that they like to refer to here as the GBC.  The GBC (Rs 80) is good. The bread is soft, and they are generous with the cheese and the garlic, provided you don’t mind chomping on tiny pieces of the clove.

The Veggie Supreme (Rs 160 for 8”) has mushroom, onion, capsicum and green chillies and is a safe bet. It was the Sicilian Paneer (Rs 195 for 8”), however, that turned out to be the surprise. Each piece of cottage cheese was dotted with pesto, which helped lift an otherwise ho-hum offering to a new level.

Is it a good idea to order from Pizza Cottage? If you are a vegetarian, who lives or works in the area, and are looking for a free home-delivery option, why not! Non-vegetarians, why are you still reading this?

At: 82/10, Nagin Mahal, VN Road, Churchgate
Call: 66101313

Food: Fast
Service: Okay
Ambiance: Crammed 

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