Whether it's a school kid, college student, a teacher, a mid-level employee or a housewife, everyone need pie charts, infographics, labels, reports and posters — sometimes, to impress the senior, teacher and simply, to prove a point. In an age, when attentions span are getting shorter, it's important that whatever we make stands out from the crowd.

Check these two cool publishing tools, available on the web, for free — Canva.com and Piktochart.com. Both websites offer a collection of free themes, but if you don't like these, you can create one from scratch using their free collection of icons, pictures and other tools. Piktochart.com is restricted only to infographics, banners, posters and presentations, while Canva.com helps the user with Facebook banners, Pinterest posts and Tweeter headers.


The service is also suited for new start-ups looking for free publishing tools, to save costs. So, go ahead, and impress everyone with pro charts, posters and Facebook banners, without paying a paisa.