Playing field is sacrosanct

May 19, 2012, 07:29 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

Various versions of the Shah Rukh Khan vs Mumbai Cricket Association row have been flowing thick and fast over the last two days with no substantial proof about who started the flow of abuse.¬†However, the basis of the clash was that Shah Rukh’s kids and their friends were not allowed on the turf.

The gregarious nature of the Indian Premier League has allowed complete disrespect for the turf that is basically meant for practitioners of the game. Only people who are part of the organisation of the game ought to be on the turf and far away from the pitch.

Their enthusiasm notwithstanding, children should not be encouraged to play on the turf even if a match is completed. The MCA has every right to protect their ground even if Shah Rukh Khan is a co-owner of an IPL team. There have been cases of non-players walking, running and even wielding willow on the turf. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) should ban this straightaway.

Like the dressing room, the playing field too should be treated as sacrosanct. On the other hand, the MCA must introspect too. Far too often, spectators have to face the wrath of officialdom. So, when Shah Rukh says he experienced a great level of high-handedness, it shouldn’t be difficult to believe him.

The SRK vs MCA affair has been nothing short of ugly. It’s going to take a while to die down. But lessons must be learnt.

BCCI, who are trying to suggest that the MCA cannot ban Shah Rukh because the association is only an affiliate of the parent body, must think of other ways of showing their clout. Drafting a strict set of rules for IPL teams with regards to team owners’ presence at grounds is one way to go about ensuring that a Wednesday night-like situation will never be witnessed.¬†

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