Buzz is that John Abraham is unwilling to commit to Sanjay Gadhvi's next, due to his pending legal dispute and his recent box office record

Despite making the much successful Dhoom that catapulted John Abraham back into the limelight, Sanjay Gadhvi is now finding it difficult to get the actor's nod for his next movie. Dhoom had come to John at a time when he was still getting over a string of flops at the box office post his successful debut in Jism.

John Abraham

It is learnt that the director is trying to put together his next movie, and has approached the hunky actor to play the lead. However, Abraham isn't sharing his enthusiasm and consequently, is unwilling to make any commitment.

A source tells us that John is skeptical about working with Sanjay because of his legal trouble with a corporate studio over a film called 7 Days In Paris. "Reportedly, Sanjay had incurred expenses running to over Rs 4 crore for the rom-com with Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif.

Sanjay Gadhvi

But there was no final script and eventually, it was shelved. Besides, the corporate studio also sued Sanjay and the matter is yet to be resolved. And not to forget Sanjay's last film Kidnap (2008), which failed to fetch even a decent initial at the cinemas," points out our informer.

Our source further explains, "Sanjay is keen to get a nod from John so he can write the character and script keeping him in mind.

But the absence of a sound script along with the dispute has made John extra cautious. Sanjay won't begin until John gives an approval. The latter won't consider until he has heard the story, knows who's producing it and is certain it will be made and marketed well."

Gadhvi, however, denies approaching John or waiting for his nod to begin working on a script. Though the director admitted he'd love to work with his Dhoom actor again, he maintained, "I don't approach actors without a script, so I don't know where you heard this from.
I do have a couple of scripts and I'm in talks with a few producers. So as and when things materialise, I'll make the announcement."