During a havan for his film, Akshay Kumar was surprised to see the pandits make a dash to Mithun Chakraborthy to display their acting skills!
Just before launching their films, most stars hold a puja. And Akshay Kumar is no exception to the norm except that he had to face a piquant situation during the ceremony!

The star, who is producing a movie based on Paresh Rawal's play, along with Ashwini Yardi was taken aback when a few of the pandits demanded an introduction with Mithun Chakraborthy who was also present at the venue.

Akki might have sought divine intervention to roll his project but didn't realise that he'd be needing more than just that with Mithunda around.

Says a source, "At the puja, a couple of pandits had begun conducting the ceremony, when they suddenly saw Mithun in their midst.

At this point, a few of them appeared distracted with the Disco Dancer's presence." Adds the source, "Akshay was taken aback but agreed to the pandit's demands that they wanted an introduction with Mithunda."

Apparently the priests wanted to showcase their acting skills to him! This is something which Akki may have not bargained for while seeking divine intervention.

The source continues, "It may sound hilarious and everyone was taken aback. But Mithunda's presence created a flutter."

Akki's flick is adapted from the critically-acclaimed Gujarati play, Kanji Virrudh Kanji which was done in Hindi as Kishen v/s Kanhaiya. It tells the story of an atheist who incurs huge loses when his shop is destroyed.