Please, no questions on Carlos Tevez

Oct 01, 2011, 08:23 IST | A correspondent
Manchester City issued a blanket on questions about the Carlos Tevez (in pic) saga yesterday at manager Roberto Mancini's weekly press conference.

Reporters were ordered not to attempt to question Mancini about Tevez, who was suspended on Wednesday after allegedly refusing to come off the substitutes bench in the Champions League defeat at Bayern Munich.

"Questions in relation to Carlos Tevez in general, in relation to his alleged conduct on Tuesday evening and the potential ramifications of that conduct and in relation to his future at the football club is strictly off limits and will not be answered," City spokeswoman Victoria Kloss said.

"Breaches of this will result in the press conference being suspended. This decision has been made to protect the interests of all parties and safeguard the integrity of the investigation that is currently taking place."

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