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Apr 07, 2014, 09:32 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Wireless earphones are always looked down as inferior when compared to wired earphones. But JBL seems to be challenging that belief with the J46BT, a new in-ear stereo headphone launched recently.

The J46BT from JBL combines the portability of Bluetooth with quality sound

Combining style and portability with some great audio drivers, the J46BT offers everything you would look for in in-ear headphones — great sound and lightweight. It’s sturdy enough to sustain the push-and-pull during crowded train rides, and lot more with the convenience of Bluetooth 4.0.

The controls are easy to navigate, and the battery lasts for a good four hours. The J46BT may not be a great option for long outstation drives, but it’s a great product for the home-work-home commutes, and a few music listening sessions in between.

The J46BT also offers an in-built mic, and can easily double as a hands-free, enabling the user to shift from songs, make a call with the push of a button. The product comes with a USB charger that connects directly to the ear pods, and three ear plugs — small, medium and large — offering maximum comfort
to every kind of user.

Available At Sahil International, 1/A, first floor, 393 Sir Mangalas House. Grant Road (E). PRICE R5,990

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