PM decided 2005 coal block allocation: ex-secretary Parakh

Oct 16, 2013, 13:02 IST | IANS

Parakh made the statement a day after the FIRs were filed against Parakh and industrialist Kumar Mangalam Birla for alleged irregularities and criminal conspiracy in the allocation of the two blocks.

"I don't think this is any serious issue at all. There is no case in what CBI is trying to make out. It was a very fair and correct decision which we took... I made a proposal and the prime minister took a decision," he said.

"If the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) sees a conspiracy, who is behind the conspiracy?

"Kumar Manglam BIrla who made a representation, I who made a recommendation, or prime minister who took the decision?"

He said if there was indeed a conspiracy, the prime minister, who headed the coal ministry then, was equally involved.

"I don't know why the CBI thinks Birla and I are in a conspiracy, but the person who took a decision is not a part of (the) conspiracy. If a conspiracy is there, everyone is part of the conspiracy. If we are accused, PM is as much a part of the conspiracy," Parakh told TimesNow.

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