It seems very few government offices, including district court in the city, are serious about the security of their premises.

Most of these offices have still not gone in for security gadgets like CCTV cameras and metal detectors inside the premises.

After a powerful bomb blast at the Delhi High Court yesterday, the issue of safety of government premises has once again come to the fore.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (special branch) Makarand Ranade said: "In a recent audit, we have observed that most of the government offices have not implemented security measures like installing CCTV cameras, use of metal detectors and other security measures inside their building premises.

"We had conducted an audit in view of the terrorist activities in the country and directed them how to take security precautions and how to implement security set-ups like installation of CCTV cameras and handling of metal detector and other security gadgets."

The Collector's Office has not installed adequate security gadgets even after reminders. Among the few offices which have installed gadgets, only some have deployed skilled men to use these gadgets effectively.

Speaking about the security in the city in the backdrop of the blast in Delhi, Ranade said that security has already put in place for the Ganesh festival.

"Now, after the incident, we have increased the police patrolling in the city and Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad, Quick Response Teams and Anti-Sabotage Team have been alerted," he said.

"Our Pune Anti-Terrorist Cell (PATC) and special branch is keeping close watch on the sleeper cells and their movements are being watched closely. The Ganesh mandals are also directed to stay alert."

He said security at the sensitive and crowded places had been intensified.

"We appeal to the people that if they come across any suspicious object or person, they should contact Pune police control room," he said.