Police conducts raid at red light area in Navi Mumbai; three arrested

Apr 23, 2016, 10:31 IST | Faisel Tandel

Around eight girls were rescued from Red-light area Turbhe Navi Mumbai in a joint operation conducted by the Anti-Human trafficking Cell of Navi Mumbai and Rescue foundation a Non Government Organisation based from Mumbai.

Turbhe red light area accusedThe three women (from left to right) Suman Lama, Salma Mandal and Alka Chandni Pravin were arrested by the Navi Mumbai Police

The NGO workers with the help of police were visiting the red-light area to rescue the minor girls who are force into prostitution. Three women are arrested by the police and suspect two girls to be minor who are undergoing medical test. Three of the girls are from Nepal.

Seven fake customers based with the NGO visited the Hanuman Tekdi near Turbhe railway station a red-light area on Thursday evening. They accordingly confirmed the police about the presence of minor after which a raid was conducted. The police was successful in getting girls in three rooms, while the remaining one flees away from the flat get hint of the raid.

The arrested three women are identified as Alka alias Chandani Shedge 25, Suman alias Kanchimaya Lamha 35 and Salma Mandal 46. All are residents of Hanuman Tekdi, Nepali galli, Turbhe and are based from Calcutta. "We received a letter from the Central government authorities about girls from Nepal country especially minors. Along with the rescue foundation we were following and keeping a tab on the red-light area sending fake customers based with the NGO. According on Wednesday when we received the information we conducted the raid found the eight girls in three different rooms. Three women who were forcing them into prostitution and were accepting the cash were arrested. And we suspect two girls are minor who are sent for medical test. Also, three rescued girls are based from Nepal and we are cross verifying there personal data to check their identity and home town and the illegal prostitution," said Pushpalta Dighe, Senior Police Inspector, Anti Human Trafficking Cell of Navi Mumbai.

The raid was conducted on Thursday evening and a case has been registered at Turbhe police station under different sections of the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act 1956.

Turbhe and Bhiwandi Red-light area, where minor from others states and country get an easy access:

Hanuman Tekdi is a red light area in Turbhe were more than 3,500 and 4,000 women work and daily earn through prostitution. "Both the red light area in Bhiwandi and Turbhe were minor's from different states and country mostly Nepal and Bangladesh are brought and kept. They are slowly forced into prostitution, as these places the feel safe from police raid due to different access to flee away. After more than two years they are well prepare to face the market and fully into the business. The agents then move them to red-light areas across Mumbai getting huge cash back from them," said Ashok Rajgur, Chief Investigating officer, rescue foundation.

Two months long operation
After the information was received the NGO along with the police started the investigation. Fake customers started the operation. "Since, last two months more than 5 to 10 of our staff members had visited the red-light area and were investigating to trace minors. We were getting details on the bases of which we started the working accordingly," said Nitin Mungekar, Investigation officer, Rescue foundation.

Successful Raid
On Thursday around seven customers entered the red-light area and went inside seven different rooms. "Our customers were at around seven different rooms and we along with the police conducted the raid. Eight girls were found at three different rooms in Nepali galli including 215, 187 and 188. The fake customers informed us and confirmed about the minor. But the owners and girls managed to flee when they got information about the raid. We suspect more than 10 minors, but it is a vast area and there is only a single lane for them to flee," added Rajgur stating that it was pre-active information.

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