Police detain employee in INS Shivaji theft case

The recent theft at Indian Naval Ship (INS) Shivaji, Lonavala has left the police and Naval officers baffling over how a theft could take place in such a high security premises. However the police have detained a class IV civilian employee, a day after the FIR was registered. 

Two years ago the Navy hired Venugopal Venkatesh Medavali (28), a local, to perform utility work around the campus. Police, who detained Medavali, believe that the theft is an inside job, as thieves cannot enter the highly guarded campus.

The six projectors worth lakhs were stolen from a classroom where lectures and presentations are conducted, the police claimed.

An officer from the Lonavala Police station said, "Outside thieves would not know where such sophisticated equipment would be kept unless they had an accomplice inside. The most they can do is steal some metal parts from the campus gate lamps illuminating the area outside the campus."

He added that the theft by an outside person was too difficult since the military bases are heavily guarded, so the only logical conclusion is that the information was tipped off, the officer maintained.

API SR Gaur who said that it was too premature to comment, also agreed that chances of an insider was high. "Only after we get reliable leads, we can confirm whether it is an insiders job," he said.

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