Police dog gets grounded for being high after accidentally ingesting drugs during raid

Los Angeles: A police sniffer dog in California was put out of action for a day after he accidentally ingested crystal meth and got high during a raid.

The 4-year-old German shepherd, Koda, was helping cops search a car during a traffic stop in El Cerrito last week when he found a small amount of the narcotic, media reports said.

Instead of just indicating where the drugs were, the eager pup unwittingly ate some of the substance on November 26.

"He's trying to pinpoint an odor. As he got closer to the floorboard, I noticed a small plastic bindle of something. I didn't know what it was," his handler Joshua Del Prado was quoted as saying by KTVU. But then he noticed the bindle of crystal methamphetamine was gone.

The dog canine was rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic, where he tested positive for the presence of a stimulant.

The dog then received treatment and made a quick recovery. He was able to return to full duty the following day, the report said.

"I was really excited the next day to go pick him up. Really couldn't wait for my shift to begin," said Del Prado, who has handled the pup for more than two years.

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