Mumbai cops hunt for pervert who came, flashed and disappeared

Mar 21, 2017, 06:00 IST | Asif Rizvi

Cops seen trying to locate the accused at Carter Road

He came, he flashed and vanished into thin air. At least that's what the Khar police believe happened. They are looking for a man who flashed a group of women twice while they were walking on the promenade at Carter Road in Bandra, and then disappeared by jumping into the mangroves next to the promenade. The police, on the women's complaint, searched the entire spot but could not find the man and are now keeping vigil at the spot.

According to the four women, around 11 pm on Saturday, they were walking towards their car parked close to the spot of the incident. They heard the man calling out to them; he was camouflaged in the dark behind the mangroves.


They ignored the man and walked away, but then decided to complain about him to the cops present at the promenade. “We thoroughly searched the spot but could not find the man,” said a police officer.

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