Shooting at Munich subway station, one injured
Police officers secure the area around a commuter rail station in Unterfoehring near Munich, southern Germany, where shots were fired. AFP PHOTO

A German man shot a 26-year old policewoman in the head on Tuesday using a gun he had grabbed from another officer at a Munich train station, police said,
adding there was no indication of a link to terrorism. The 37-year-old man, who had been involved in a brawl at Unterfoehring station, shoved a policeman on the platform and grabbed his gun as a train was entering the station.

"Then there was an exchange of fire during which a 26-year old policewoman .. suffered a potentially life-threatening injury in the head," Munich police said in a statement. The man was also injured in the incident and then arrested. Two other people were also hurt but their lives are not in danger, said police. The area around the station was sealed off.

"There are no indications of a terrorist background," the police said, adding that an investigation was being carried out.