Politicians and fans blame Egyptian army for soccer violence

Egyptian politicians and football fans have blamed the army for the violence during Al-Masry's 3-1 victory at home to Al-Ahly that left 74 people dead and up to a 1,000 injured in Port Said.

Numerous fans rushed to the field after their home team from Port Said, Al-Masry, defeated Al-Ahly, one of Egypt's top clubs from Cairo, 3-1. Violence erupted as the fans clashed with their rivals and then later with the officials.

Angry fans at a Cairo street.PIC/AFP

Hanan Zeini an Al-Ahly official did not feel the events of Wednesday night were impulsive. "I cannot believe these things happened randomly. I don't think so, it was arranged," he was quoted as saying by BBC.

Television footage reportedly showed the security forces doing little to stop the invasion, which has prompted people in Egypt to believe that the tragedy was allowed to take place.

"We fear that some officers are punishing the people for their revolution and for depriving them of their ability to act as tyrants and restricting their privileges," the Muslim Brotherhood claimed.

Albadry Farghali, a member of parliament for Port Said, said: "The security forces did this or allowed it to happen. The men of (former president Hosni) Mubarak are still ruling. The head of the regime has fallen but all his men are still in their positions."

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