While being interviewed by The Australian newspaper, Ponting said: “The real story? It’s coming. I won’t miss too many people with that whole saga, because that was, yeah, I won’t miss too many there,” he said.

The interviewee wrote: “When it is suggested that his anger won’t be directed at the BCCI or Indian players, he agrees. Cricket Australia might best brace itself for the Ponting biography due for release next year.”

Apart from Harbhajan Singh being accused of racially abusing Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds in the Test, there was the huge issue about the umpiring.

Ponting and his team had their integrity questioned by the media. Here’s what Ponting wrote in Captain’s Diary 2008 which was released after the controversial series: “Right now, I feel as if the quality and excitement of our win have already been largely forgotten, and that the biggest job ahead for me is not to win the series and 17 Tests straight, but to defend my reputation and the good name of my team.”