Mumbai: HC asks Poonam Bhagat to pay Rs 5 lakh as fine

Poonam Bhagat
Poonam Bhagat

The Bombay High Court on Thursday asked socialite and art patron Poonam Bhagat to pay Rs 5 lakh to her husband Jaidev Shroff, as fine for filing a late rejoinder. The High Court was hearing a defamation petition filed by Poonam.

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Senior counsel Navroz Seervai pointed out to Justice Shahrukh Kathawala that he received the affidavit late. “The copy of this rejoinder was given to me at 1 pm when the matter was to come at 3 pm,” said Seervai.

Senior counsel Janak Dwarkadas, who appeared for Poonam, admitted that there was a delay in filing the affidavit.

Justice Kathawala then asked Poonam to pay a fine of Rs 5 lakh to Jaidev. After paying the fine only the rejoinder will be considered by the court he said.

Dwarkadas accepted that the fine of Rs 5 lakh would be paid to Jaidev Shroff, after which the court adjourned the matter till February 23.

Earlier the court had asked video-sharing website YouTube to reply on who had uploaded videos, or from where were videos of Poonam uploaded on its servers. Poonam has claimed that some videos, defamatory to her were uploaded on the website, and also shared among common friends of hers and Jaidev’s. But Jaidev had given an undertaking saying he had no role to play in it, and that he will be using the said videos only for court proceedings.

YouTube which was represented by senior counsel Virag Tulzapurkar told the court that Poonam has informed them that the videos were not present now on its site. If they are uploaded in future, YouTube will make sure they will be removed, after Poonam writes to it immediately.

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