Poonam Dhillon had a big fall

Chulbuli Pandey

Poonam Dhillon walked the ramp for a cancer fundraiser at Worli. The actress tumbled on the catwalk after tripping on her sari pleats which came undone.

Poonam Dhillon
Poonam Dhillon gets into the groove

Poonam Dhillon
Suddenly her sari pleats come undone

She, however, quickly regained her composure and continued on the catwalk. Pics/Bipin Kokate

Poonam Dhillon
She tries to balance herself

Poonam Dhillon
But goes flat down

Poonam Dhillon
She is then up and above and even waves to the audience

  • ajayjjj13-May-2014

    4 bottle vodka, daru mera roj ka

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