Poor road sense, rash driving caused accident on Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Jun 06, 2016, 09:11 IST | Shashank Rao

Rash driving and poor road sense proved to be a lethal combination for 17 people who died in the accident on Mumbai-Pune Expressway yesterday, in which a bus and two cars fell into a ditch after the bus rammed one of the cars.

This 49-seater semi-luxury non-air conditioned Nikhil Travels bus, which was headed to Mumbai from Satara, had many of its survivors talking about the driver’s carelessness. After it started raining, many passengers complained to the driver about leakage in the bus. During this argument, the driver Iqbal Shaikh took his eyes off the road and looked back to argue with the passengers. However, he died after the bus nose dived into a huge ditch. “Our men checked the bus and we found that all documents were in place. The only way to curb accidents is to get speed governors which the centre has made compulsory,” said Diwakar Raote, state transport minister.

A Maruti Swift was parked in the right lane, which is the fast lane and not meant for parking, at least not without parking lights on. “It is said that the Swift had a flat tyre and the driver stopped the vehicle in the first lane. They had not switched on their indicators either,” said Sanjay Ghodse from Nikhil Travels.

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