Poorly maintained bus stops irk commuters

Apr 07, 2014, 06:40 IST | Deepali Dhingra

The temperatures are rising and Punekars travelling by bus know this better than anyone else. Various bus stops across the city are in a poor condition, badly maintained — many providing no space to stand or sit and quite a few without a roof. Commuters complain that authorities, instead of planning new routes, should first focus on improving the old stands.

Suresh Kakade, who frequently travels by PMPML buses, said, “The bus stops in the city are in a poor condition. Authorities should first repair them. Many bus stops don’t even have a proper stand, making it difficult for senior citizens like me to stand. A single board is hung from a tree to signify that the spot is a bus stop. How can bus stands be so obscure?”

Other commuters also complained that often, the bus stands don’t have roofs, forcing them to either stand in the scorching heat till the bus arrives or have to take shelter under trees away from the stand, which leads them to missing their bus. Commuters added that the PMPML should focus on the bus stands and only then increase the buses in its fleet.

Echoing similar complains, Nalini Gade, who travels by PMPML bus to her workplace, said, “On some routes, there are proper bus stands but no seats. The bus stops are not safe for women and authorities should so something to improve their condition.”

PMPML speaks
PMPML spokesperson Deepak Pardeshi said, “We are working on developing the bus stands in the city and currently we have given a contract to modify around 2,000 bus stands. We are aware that some bus sheds need to be built and we will do so very soon. Additionally, we welcome complaints from the commuters, which will help us improve our services.”

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