Posh wept when injury ended Beckham's 2010 World Cup dream

Former England football captain David Beckham (40) has revealed in an interview to the BBC that his wife Victoria (39) burst into tears on learning that his dream of playing the 2010 World Cup was shattered by an injury.

David Beckham with wife Victoria
David Beckham with wife Victoria 

Beckham suffered an achilles injury while playing for Italian giants AC Milan in the months leading up to South Africa 2010, where he hoped to represent England one last time.

"My achilles had been hurting in the lead up to the game. The game had been pretty rough. I got kicked in the face. I remember stepping back and felt someone had kicked me from behind.

I reached down and felt my achilles had gone... there was a huge hole in it. Later, the doctor gave me the phone, it was Victoria, she said: 'What's just happened?'

I said 'it's done.' And she said, 'What do you mean it's done'. And I'll never forget, she just burst out unconditionally with emotion and crying," said Beckham adding that the episode showed him how much his wife loved and supported him in his dream.

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