Los Angeles: Grammy Award-winning DJ and music producer David Guetta says he suffered from panic attacks for a "full year" after splitting from his wife, Cathy.

David Guetta
David Guetta 

The "Play Hard" hitmaker says he found it difficult to cope during his split from wife after 20 years of marriage and struggled to make music as a result, reports contactmusic.com.

The 47-year-old, who suffered from the anxiety attacks for "a full year", told The Times magazine: "Panic attacks are when your brain is completely going crazy because you are doing a lot of, 'What if, what if, what if, what if.'

"There was a moment when I couldn't make music. I would get in the studio and..."

Fortunately Guetta was able to recover after meeting a fellow sufferer during his birthday party at his home in Ibiza, who gave him valuable advice about battling his demons.

"There's one thing you need to understand. No one is going to die. The person who has the panic attack is not going to die. And whatever decision you have to take in your life, the person you're going to hurt it not going to die. And if someone is going to hurt you, you're not going to die either," he said.