Pothole claims the life of 26-year-old woman in Ulhasnagar

Neha Mirchandani
Neha Mirchandani. Pic courtesy/Ambernath Citizens Twitter page

26-year-old Neha Mirchandani, who was riding pillion with her father on a bike fell victim to a sudden pothole-related mishap near Khemani Chowk in Ulhasnagar. According to a report by The Indian Express, Neha and her father 54-year-old Mahesh Mirchandani, were en route to the Guardian Dental College in Ambernath.


Since her father was unable to spot the pothole in time, both were thrown of the bike due to the sudden jerk. Neha was crushed to death by a truck that was moving parallel to them and her father suffered injuries to his back and legs.

Neha Mirchandani had just completed her Masters in Dental Surgery.

Not the first
A 21-year-old youth died after his bike hit a pothole near JJ flyover on late September. Rizwan Khan, who died on the spot, is Mumbai's first pothole victim this season.

The police said Khan was not wearing a helmet and sustained severe head injuries, while his friend, Murtuza Sayyad, who was riding pillion, received minor injuries.



  • Sujit23-Jan-2017

    Loss of a promising talented life so young...yet so many scumbags live to a ripe old age. Strange is the world.

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