Power to the amateur lensman

Sep 27, 2011, 07:55 IST | The Guide Team
Mobile application Fizwoz, gives every individual with a good mobile camera a chance to earn some money

During the blast at Zaveri Bazaar in July, television channels played a particular video, sent by a resident of the area, in loop because it provided the best footage available in a minute's time.

Put your phone camera to good use

Alternatively, there might be occasions where you spot a celebrity with his secret girlfriend or witness a crime being committed in the middle of the night. Fizwoz, a mobile application gives you an opportunity to earn money out of any picture you click, if it's newsworthy.

The service consists of two parts, a camera phone application and an online auction. Photos or videos captured on your camera phone are selected in the Fizwoz mobile application. You categorise, caption or optionally describe the photo, then give it a starting bid (or optional Buy Now and Reserve price) then submit the photo or video into the Fizwoz auction.

The Buy Now tag comes with the pictures, which are time bound and hence narrows down the search for buyers. All you need to do is create a free account and register so you become the copyright owner of every image that you upload. You can upload videos too.

Fizwoz buyers range from mainstream media companies including and leading, paparazzi-centric publications, to thousands of bloggers covering a wide variety of topics. This might be your big ticket to playing citizen journalist and earning a few bucks while you are at it.

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