In a major security lapse in security, an explosive was found in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly. The bomb was found by security personnel on July 12 on the premises.

As per reports, security personnel found the white powder with the help of the dog squad . The powder was then sent for analysis at a forensic lab which identified it as PECTIN – an extremely powerful explosive that is difficult to detect.

PECTIN also called Pentaerythritol Trinitrate and is very difficult to detect due to its plastic nature. This powerful explosive can pass through metal detectors and security check point.

In light of this incident CM Yogi Aditynath has called for a meeting to review the security situation in Uttar Pradesh. The state government has also beefed up security measures across the state, especially the areas close to where the Kanwar Yatra is in progress.

The CM has promised protection to the devotees who are participating in this religious event.