Actor Prabhat Bhattacharya, who has turned director with 'Kaanu', a sports drama with a spiritual touch, says the movie delves into human relations and emotions.

The film features Anupam Kher as football coach Vishwajeet Sarkar, fondly called Vishuda, and focuses on the guru-shishya relationship.

Apart from Anupam, Ankit Mohan, who has charmed the audiences with his acting skills on shows like "Mahabharat", "Basera", "Shobha Somnath Ki" and "Kumkum Bhagya", will be seen as the captain of a football team.

Talking about the film, Bhattacharya said: "'Kaanu' is all about human relations, efforts and emotions. It talks about a fellow, who fails to cope up with expectations in life. Everything goes kaput in his survival and that sudden sinking feeling drags him into a decision to end his life on a railway track. And then how life changes for him from that moment."

A similar opening sequence on a railway track featured in the 1998 Aamir Khan starrer "Ghulam".

Asked about it, the director said: "There is a huge difference between the approach. In 'Ghulam', Aamir Khan gets into a motorcycle speed race with opposition which escalates into a dare game to run towards a moving train at night. Although, Kaanu runs since he feels there is big question on his survival, his existence is on the edge, which forces him to choose an extreme step to end his

"But then again, the more we try to escape from life the more we confront it."

Bhattacharya is very confident about his film and its subject. He thinks that though many films have been made with football as a central plot, "Kaanu" will be different due to its unique approach.

"Kaanu" will begin rolling towards the end of the year, and will be shot across North India with a major schedule in Kolkata.