Prakash Jha: No intention to hurt BJP MLA

Feb 04, 2016, 06:13 IST | PTI

Filmmaker Prakash Jha, who has been served with a legal notice by a Bihar BJP MLA for allegedly portraying him in negative way in "Jai Gangaajal", today apologised to the lawmaker saying he had no intention to hurt him.

Prakash Jha
Prakash Jha

Nitin Navin, the third time BJP MLA from Bankipore in Patna, has served the legal notice to Jha and has threatened to move court soon if the director did not remove the name of Bankipore from the Priyanka Chopra-starrer.

Jha, accompanied by Manav Kaul, who has played the role of the Bankipore MLA in the film, told newsmen here that he has answered the legal notice and made it "clear" to the MLA that he had no intention to hurt him.

"If the MLA is still feeling hurt, I seek apology from him," said Jha, who also stars as a police officer in the film.

He said the story of "Jai Gangajal" was "fictitious" and had no connection with Bankipore constituency of Bihar.

"The film script is linked with happenings in the Hindi belt. It's fictitious and not connected with the Bankipore assembly constituency of Bihar."

Navin, however, told PTI that Jha, who contested Lok Sabha elections thrice from Bihar, had said he is not aware that Bankipore assembly seat exists while replying to the legal notice.

"How can a man who is active in Bihar politics and has contested last Lok Sabha election from the state say he does not know that Bankipore assembly constituency exits?," the MLA said.

"I once again request Jha to remove the name of Bankipore from the film or I will soon move the court," Navin added.

He said promos of "Jai Gangajal", slated to release in the first week of March, shows the villain as a fourth termMLA from Bankipore. "How can he call the story fictitious?"

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