Prankster at work on the sets of 'Desi Kattey'

Suniel Shetty scared the living daylights out of writer Aaryaan Saxena on the sets of their upcoming film Desi Kattey.

From left: Suniel Shetty, Aaryaan Saxena and Jay Bhanushali
From left: Suniel Shetty, Aaryaan Saxena and Jay Bhanushali 

The writer was taken aback to hear Anna loudly state that the lines were not up to the mark and needed improvisation.

The actor began behaving in an unreasonable manner with co-actor Jay Bhanushali and the unit playing along with him.

A baffled Aaryaan was taken aback by Anna's uncharitable remarks. After a while, he went up to Suniel and asked him what his problem was.

Seeing his face, Anna burst out laughing and only then did Aaryaan realise that a prank was being played on him.

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