Prateik's Juliet discovered

While Isaaq director Manish Tiwari is doing everything to keep the name of his heroine under wraps, we know who it is

Prateik's best-kept secret is out. The leading 'lady' of his upcoming film, Isaaq, whose identity has been kept under wraps since the shooting began, is a 16-year old Parsi girl named Emme Dastoor.

Prateik will play the role of Romeo in Manish Tiwari's upcoming film,

Based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Manish Tiwari's film casts Prateik as a modern-day ruffian Romeo from Varanasi, while Dastoor plays the sweet and simple Juliet.

Said a source, "Manish Tiwari wanted to stay as true to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet as possible. In the play, Juliet was 15 years old. They wanted  a girl who had never acted before, and was fresh, uninhibited and talented. Emme Dastoor, who was selected after several rounds of audition, fitted the bill."

While Prateik has been hitting the gym to beef up for his role, we hear that the actor has the jitters for an on screen kiss that he is reportedly to share with Dastoor. Prateik has so far, successfully avoided lip-locks in his films. The kiss, we're told, will last almost two minutes and the spunky Dastoor has no qualms.

As expected, Tiwari refused to confirm that such a scene is part of the script, even as our efforts to get a dekko of Dastoor came to nought. Looks like their lips are sealed, for now.

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