Pre-historic rock found at Qatar Stadium

Feb 26, 2016, 06:41 IST | AFP

Doha: Rock samples up to 30 million-years-old have been unearthed under one of the Qatar 2022 World Cup stadiums, organisers said on Wednesday.

The Dukhan Rock was found during construction of the 40,000-capacity Qatar Foundation stadium, which is set to host matches up to the quarter-final stage in 2022.

Organisers have called it an 'extraordinary find'.

"As we dug down deeper on site, we came across interesting and distinct colour bandings on the rock formations," said Eid Al-Qahtani, a project manager with the committee overseeing the 2022 competition.

Samples were then taken of the rock, which dated back to approximately up to 30 million years ago. "We discovered that the rocks in question originated under water, forming a layer known as the middle-Eocene epoch. This is an extraordinary find."

Excavation at the site reached 17 metres (55 feet) in depth. Dukhan is a city in the west of Qatar.

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