Los Angeles: Kim Kardashian says she was 'joking' when she advised that pregnant women should hide their bodies in 'a big blanket'.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

She caused a stir earlier this week by claiming pregnant women should 'never leave the house' and hide their bodies in a 'huge blanket'.

But Kim has now taken to Twitter to defend her comments, insisting that she was being 'sarcastic' with her tongue-in-cheek maternity recommendations, reports mirror.co.in.

She wrote: "I guess you can't be sarcastic when doing interviews! I was asked about tips on pregnancy style.....

"I jokingly said pregnant woman should hide/stay in if they looked like I did lol. I said ask Kourt her tips bc she has the best preg style."

"I really should start video taping the interviews I do & post on my website so u can see the laughs & how it's really said," she wrote.