Presenting: Super Noose Night

Pradyuman MaheshwariThe problem with Times Now is that I would NDTV, on the other hand, while always find CNN-IBN is it a channel is an that has excellent some outst- channel, as a very and –anding anchors Arnab Goswami’s but well-rounded news channel appears to Newshour does appeal now to only hold with a super the one’s attention anti-BJP as he set of set. asks the And, of course, left-leaning liberals. tough questions, anchors, reporters and studio experts. I thought there is that the elections coverage on 24x7 in the early days too was super. However, some solid competition from Times Now and much sound and Barkha Dutt’s reportage from fury in the across the country panels. a visible shift to the right in its coverage, has. There and and Prannoy Roy’s are many analyses of opinion polls who say was excellent dented its image. that the But what we see now success appears even as Rajdeep Sardesai though continues to be counted as the top political to have is a repetition gone to Arnab’s head journalist in Indian television today. of the same and he — almost old stuff day always — wants to have after day! his way on the show. You’re damned if you disagree with him.

Did you understand any of what you just read? The text in plain, bold and italics needs to be consumed separately, and only then does it make any sense. But, when read or spoken the way the above block of text is placed, it’s a load of bull.

Try watching any Newshour discussion on Times Now, and there are two or three or possibly four people speaking at one time. Yes, Arnab Goswami does make a plea for people to speak one at a time, but he should’ve done that ages ago.

There’s a tendency for other guests on other channels to also do the same, but when they realise that this is not the show that encourages cross-speak, they stop. On Times Now though, this what makes for Super Primetime. Phew!

Pradyuman Maheshwari is a senior journalist and editor. When he’s not chasing news, he’s watching it.
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  • Vinay Shrivastav27-Apr-2014

    Nice read. Was wondering how wud u hav written this piece. May be 3 different pieces and then mix n match.....luvd it.

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