A blonde girl has promised to be anyone's girlfriend for 10 days on Facebook for just five dollars.
23-year-old Cathy advertised herself on Fiverr.com, a website which gives out goods and services for 5 dollars.
"I'll be your girlfriend on Facebook for 10 days," the New York Daily News quoted her as writing.
"I'm Cathy, a 23-year-old student and I live in New York City," the ad read.

For the commitment phobic, Cathy offers another option - she'll write on your Facebook wall to aid in the ladies-man image sought by many-a Facebook friend.

"There's a second option, by the way: If you want a few messages (3 max.) on your profile to make someone jealous that's also possible.

"Just send me the message(s) and the Facebook-link!" she wrote.