A polling officer in Thane died of a massive heart attack yesterday. Vaishali Vithal Bhale, who was on election duty at a booth in Khopat, felt giddy and weak and was rushed to a hospital around noon. She died within two hours of being admitted.

Vaishali Vithal Bhale was a Koparkhairane resident
Vaishali Vithal Bhale was a Koparkhairane resident

Bhale, a resident of Koparkhairane, was the principal of New Bombay City School, a Marathi medium school in Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai. She reportedly reached the polling booth around 6 am yesterday.

Returning Officer Dilip Shinde said, “Bhale was fine in the morning. But around noon, she started having some health complications. The zonal officer and reserve staff immediately rushed her to Thane Civil Hospital.

There, however, her medical troubles increased and she passed away around 1.20 pm.” An on-duty casualty doctor said, “When she entered, her condition was weak. However, she stabilised a little after we put her on intravenous drips (IV).

A few minutes later, she complained of severe backache and a physician immediately attended to her. We began to incubate her to revive her, but she passed away at 1.20 pm.”

Electrocardiography (ECG) reports showed that Bhale had suffered a heart attack. Her relatives later told doctors that Bhale had a history of cardiac problems and had been advised to undergo an ECG a few days earlier but she was dithering.

“Had she undergone the procedure she would have known what precautions to take,” added the doctor. Bhale is survived by her parents and a brother.