Knut Bjarkeid, the director of Ila prison outside Oslo, said that the 33-year-old would not have contact with other inmates because of the risk of a hostage situation developing in the jail.

“Even if he is sentenced to detention or imprisonment, he will not make contact with other prisoners indefinitely. We are now working to design a plan for him, according to the threat and the security situation,” Bjarkeid said.

“We are planning a professional community around him, with employees and hired people. We have previously done this with other inmates who have been in an unstable situation,” he added.

Bjarkeid said the “professional community” may include people to play chess and other sports with Breivik. Breivik killed 69 people at a political youth camp on Utoeya island and another eight after bombing a government building in Oslo on July 22 last year.

He confessed to the killings, but refuses to plead guilty claiming the shootings were ‘cruel but necessary’ to stop the Norwegian Labor Party’s ‘multicultural experiment’ and the Muslim invasion of Norway and Europe. Breivik is currently on trial at the Oslo District Court. The court’s judges are due to hand down a verdict in July.